AX Lightness: Rigid 6 Stem

The RIGID represents a true masterpiece of German engineering. Its ingenious construction and design bring about the symbiosis of maximum strength and minimum weight.

The carbon body of the Rigid is rectangular in profile, giving the stem maximum torsional rigidity. Crafted in one piece to maximise the potential of the fibers thanks to continuous fiber flow.

Unidirectional carbon stripes run diagonally across the entire corpus from the bolting flaps of the bar clamp up to those of the fork steerer clamp. The carbon body itself dispenses with metallic inserts. All bolts are exposed and external.

The clamping sections for the handlebar and fork steerer clamps are reinforced with additional 3K carbon fabric layers to absorb and better distribute the clamping forces that occur.

Despite its featherweight, the Rigid is significantly stiffer than conventional lightweight aluminum stems and can carry up to 100kg in rider weight over both on and off-road disciplines.

The Rigid offers noticeable self-damping, allowing it to maneuver with maximum precision.

It is complemented by black anodised aerospace-grade aluminium clamping barrel nuts and high-strength, black titanium screws to yield high stability as well as stealthy and noble appearance.

Carbon Stem

From 68g

Brand: AX Lightness

Size: 70 – 130 mm