OMEGA 3 DOUBLE PLUS++ 240softgels

Food supplement of Omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

56% EPA fatty acids + 23% DHA fatty acids

Essential fatty acids, better known as Omega-3, are polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are particularly useful for the well-being of sportsmen * as:

EPA and DHA help maintain normal blood triglyceride levels (2g of EPA and DHA per day)

EPA and DHA are useful for normal cardiac function (250 mg of EPA and DHA per day)

DHA helps to support normal brain function (for 250 mg of DHA per day)

DHA contributes to normal visual capacity (for 250 mg of DHA per day)

EPA and DHA contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure (3g of EPA and DHA per day)

The purification process, with the highest European standards, makes the Omega3 Double Plus   by NAMEDSPORT> a quality product, easily digestible and of high purity.

The technology used in the production phase helps to preserve the total integrity of the product, ensuring the absence of aftertaste for an excellent palatability.

 Do not exceed the additional daily intake level of 5 g of combination of EPA and DHA