Wahoo: KICKR Snap

Made from high strength carbon steel and featuring a wide stance, the SNAP indoor trainer is designed to keep its feet firmly planted on the floor and your bike securely locked in so you can train with confidence.

You have full control over your resistance levels. All you have to do is set your power of choice, and let the device do the rest for you.

Set your resistance and power via your app of choice. You have full control over your ride.

Easily attaches to your bike of choice. This makes it super convenient for you to quickly turn your bike into an indoor power machine.

The KICKR Snap features heavy-duty carbon steel with a wide stance, which essentially yells: “Take me for a spin, as intense as you can.” With this sturdy design and strong from, you can be assured that your Snap is capable of taking a world class workout.

Brand: Wahoo