Wahoo: KICKR 3

Boost compatible
Through axle compatible
Climb compatible

Old flywheels simply do not feel as responsive or real as an outdoor ride. That’s all about to change with the all new Wahoo KICKR which features significant flywheel improvements that insures an authentic and incredibly real feeling.

Improved and Responsive Ride
Realistic accelerations and decelerations. Your KICKR will accurately replicate your cycle workouts, whether you spring, challenge your hill climb ability or any other workout you might desire.

Extremely Quiet
At 61 dB the Wahoo KICKR is the most silent flywheel trainer out there.

Insane Power and Accuracy
The KICKR now has a max output of 2000 watts that, accurately simulated.

Improved Max Grade
The ability to simulate a full 20degree incline.

LED Connectivity Lights
LED connectivity lights confirm Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

Automatic Resistance
When connected to your app or software of choice, the KICKR will automatically set your preferred resistance, assisting in a more convenient and informed ride.

Authentic Ride Experience
The KICKR truly encapsulates that intense outdoors riding experience that you crave. Specifically designed to increase your workout satisfaction, by brining that road experience to wherever you chose to set the KICKR up.

Measure Cadence, Speed and Distance
Use the KICKR for those important stats that really place your workouts within a context. Pin point accuracy to track your speed, distance and cadence.

Brand: Wahoo